West Bend Area Restaurants
(list by ThePharmGirl)

What are you in the mood for?

All of these restaurants are within a 10-minute drive from Regner Park:

Locations:  Hwy 33 (West), Downtown Main St (Central)South Main Street or Paradise Drive (South), or Barton (North)

Subway   (Hwy 33 west & east, Paradise)
Cousins   (Hwy 33, Paradise)
Jimmy Johns  (S Main St)
Quiznos (Paradise)
Chocolate Factory  (S Main St)
Panera Bread (S Main St)

Try Pick 'n Save parking lot (Hwy 33).  Various groups grill burgers and brats for fundraisers.

Tomaso's of Barton   (Barton Ave)
Sal's Pizza  (Downtown)
Januli's Pizzeria & Italian Deli (Downtown)
Pizza Hut   (Hwy 33)
Little Caesar's  (Hwy 33)
Dominos (S Main St)

Sit-Down Restaurants:
Applebee's  (Hwy 33)
Perkins  (Hwy 33)
Texas Roadhouse  (Paradise)
Buffalo Wild Wings   (Paradise)
George Webb   (S Main St)
Noodles & Co(Paradise)
Omnicron Family Restaurant (S Main St)
Pinewood Family Restaurant (North, next to Regner Park)

Finer Dining:
The Binkery (Downtown)
Riverside Brewery (Downtown)
Cafe Souerette (Downtown)
Poplar Inn (Downtown)
Coachman House (S Main St)
Timmer's Resort  (southwest)
Walden Supper Club (northeast)

Fast Food:
Culver's   (Hwy 33)
McDonald's  (S Main & Hwy 33)
Dairy Queen  (S Main & Hwy 33)
Wendy's  (Paradise)
Arby's   (Paradise)
KFC   (Hwy 33)
Jumbo Burgers & Custard  (S Main St)
Toucan Custard  (next to Regner Park)

El Tapatio De Jalisco  (Downtown)
Qdoba   (Paradise)
Taco Bell   (S Main St) - may still be closed for renovations

China Palace (S Main St)
King Buffet  (Hwy 33)
Chinatown Kitchen   (Hwy 33)

Sports Bar & Grill:
Bender's  (Paradise)
Player's   (Hwy 33 EAST)

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